Innovative solutions and technologies for voice control, mobile applications and pro-active assistance in dialog systems, based on the latest AI technology.

From the foundation of SemVox in 2008 on we've been dedicated to making information come alive and usable in an intuitive way, creating efficient, simple and intelligent control concepts. No matter if speech input, gesture or touchscreen control – or even a combination of several input modes – our technology gives users the freedom to choose the optimal input mode in any situation.
Since Mai 2023 semvox Gmbh is a subsidiary of CARIAD SE+.
Based on geni:OS, semvox develops interactive, multimodal and intelligent solutions for the automotive sector, smart homes, home entertainment, industry 4.0, medical technology, and mobile solutions. geni:OS enables integrators to develop their own intelligent next-generation speech dialog systems and integrate them into their existing infrastructures.
semvox solutions and technologies can be integrated easily on end devices (embedded) or run in a cloud, making them deployable on all platforms. With more than 100 years of combined experience, semvox also provides technology consulting services and supports customers in transforming ideas into innovations.
Also, semvox is an official Cerence Distributor.


Industry 4.0 And Logistics

On the basis of our software platform geni:OS, we develop innovative solutions for the interactive support of construction and manufacturing processes in industry

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With our intelligent voice control technology based on geni:OS, all in-vehicle services and functions can be controlled via voice. However, our dialog systems offer more than just voice control: They are able to conduct an intelligent dialog with the driver and assist them proactively.

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Smart Home

Lighting systems, lawn sprinklers, heating and window blinds take part in the Human-Machine-Interface – we make your home really smart!

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Medical Technology

Non-contact operation of medical devices, voice-controlled patient beds – we create better hygiene and more comfort and freedom for patients and medical personnel

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Robots will enrich our lives in the future in manifold ways. In order to work intuitively and naturally with the assistants of the future and to be able to work smoothly in everyday life, a natural-language control interface is required. The interaction with robots must focus on humans as a reference, and not vice versa.

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Mobile Applications

With our voice control technology for smartphones and tablet PCs, your app becomes your customer’s virtual personal assistant!

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Home Entertainment

At semvox, we aim at making things simple, quick and efficient. Therefore, we create technology which is intelligent and cooperative: it understands the user’s requests, allocates them to the respective devices or functions and is able to disambiguate the user’s intentions by way of a collaborative dialog.

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