The Cerence speech recognizer VoCon Hybrid and the speech synthesis Cerence Vocalizer Expressive are State-of-the-Art components for all application areas from toys and home appliances, announcement systems and learning programs to industrial control applications.

Cerence VoCon Hybrid 4.11 SDK (ASR)

The Cerence VoCon Hybrid v4.11 automatic speech recognition covers the complete range of functionalities of an SDK for embedded and connected speech recognition solutions. VoCon Hybrid stands for multilingual speech recognition and supports more than 30 different target languages. VoCon Hybrid facilitates unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for a range of applications with voice control functionalities. 

Cerence Vocalizer Embedded (TTS)

Cerence Vocalizer Embedded is an embedded text-to-speech solution which adds a natural sounding voice to your application. The Cerence speech synthesis translates text into speech with the highest accuracy and achieves ideal results in the processing of long texts. Vocalizer Embedded supports 53 languages and 111 voices.

Cerence Vocalizer Studio

Practical Tools that Give You Meticulous Control Over Your Text-to-Speech Audio Output. Cerence Vocalizer Studio is a suite of easy-to-use graphical tools that give you meticulous control over your text-to-speech (TTS) audio output. With Vocalizer Studio, you’ll take full advantage of Vocalizer’s ability to automate more types of calls, improve caller experience and reduce implementation and operational costs.

License Models

For the development of a voice input or speech synthesis solution for your product or application, you require the licenses for the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Cerence VoCon Hybrid ASR or Cerence Vocalizer Expressive TTS. For the integration into your products and marketing of voice control functionalities, you require the Runtime Licenses of the respective products. In our role as Cerence Master Distributor, paragon semvox offers the SDK and Runtime Licenses for Cerence VoCon Hybrid and Cerence Vocalizer Expressive.

In addition, paragon semvox offers extensive technology consulting services and support for the integration and optimization of Cerence products in all relevant hardware platforms, e.g., Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Linux.

Please contact us for a non-binding consultation and learn more about the advantages and benefits of Cerence technologies for your products and applications.