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CARIAD SE acquires paragon semvox GmbH

paragon semvox is getting a new owner: CARIAD, the software company of the Volkswagen Group, signed the corresponding purchase agreement with paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA. While still remaining an independent company, the acquisition by CARIAD enables us to shape the next generation of AI assistants with even greater speed. We are very excited about […]

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  The goal of the KARLI project is to develop an adaptive, responsive and level-compliant interaction in the vehicles of the future. To this end, customer-relevant AI functions are being developed in KARLI that detect driver states and design interactions for different automation levels. These AI functions are developed in KARLI from empirical and synthetically […]

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Project SynDiQuAss successfully finished

The collaborational project (see graphic) SynDiQuAss (Synchronisierung von Digitalisierung, Qualitätssicherung und Assistenzsystem an Arbeitsplätzen mit geringem Automatisierungsgrad – Synchronisation of digitalisation, quality assurance and assistant systems at workplaces with a low degree of automatisation) is set to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to add more flexibility to their production. The cost of adaptions for […]

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