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Project SynDiQuAss successfully finished

The collaborational project (see graphic) SynDiQuAss (Synchronisierung von Digitalisierung, Qualitätssicherung und Assistenzsystem an Arbeitsplätzen mit geringem Automatisierungsgrad – Synchronisation of digitalisation, quality assurance and assistant systems at workplaces with a low degree of automatisation) is set to enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to add more flexibility to their production. The cost of adaptions for […]

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New Flagship Project „geni:OS“ released

In the ongoing Corona Pandemic paragon semvox GmbH not only was able to proof it’s ability to work 100% remote from home. Furthermore we finalized the biggest internal development pf the recent years: the new platform for smart assistance “geni:OS”. geni:OS can do more than simple voice interaction. More so, it is an environment that […]

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Research Project ASARob

ASARob is able to track the attention of the interacting human being in front of him. He is able to process information from gestures, speech, audio, spacial and textual input. ASArob recognizes where the attention of the interacting person is onto. According to the appropriate situation he is able to guide attention in the same […]

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The best of three worlds – new home for paragon semvox

With the acquisition by paragon, a new headquarter had been decided. From the beginning of March 2019, the new site enables a synergetic cooperation between the business units Interior and Digital Assistance and paves the way for the in-house production of integrated components. As a competence center, it gathers the core competences of the companies, […]

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