High demands are placed on industry, automation and the production of the future. It has to be flexibel, intelligent, efficient and sustainable. Just like semvox' geni:OS!

Not only will processes have to be even more flexible, intelligent, efficient and sustainable, the challenges to be met also involve the demographic trend, the effects of globalization on international competition, the changing need for mobility and the question of the role of humans in an increasingly automated production environment. Industrial applications include the intelligent interconnection of product development, manufacturing, logistics and customers. In order to reach a higher level of automation, create intelligent processes for monitoring and decision making and to economize the supply chain and production, alternative input modes such as voice and gesture control are of key importance. 


  • production processes (manufacturing, setting, etc.)
  • service tasks (maintenance, construction, etc.)
  • quality management (data collection, etc.)
  • resource planning and product management (access of data from an integrated ERP-system)
  • operating schedules and procedures (machinery, devices, etc.)

For these and other scenarios, semvox' Interactive Handbook is a new option to provide relevant information to production and manufacturing processes. Thanks to the innovative semvox technology, the Interactive Handbook gives users accurate access to information at any stage of the production process. Voice control facilitates access to information through hands-free, intuitive and efficient interaction. Compared to conventional handbooks, the interactive access to production knowledge also allows the flexible integration of videos, interactive image sequences, spoken language and various other media.

Our voice control solutions and multimodal, proactive assistance systems can be developed for any use case in industry, construction and manufacturing, e.g., production processes in or maintenance procedures in production lines. 


On the basis of semvox' geni:OS,  innovative solutions for the interactive support of construction and manufacturing processes in industry can be developed. These solutions can also be used for in-house training, for example, to introduce and demonstrate procedures. Furthermore, voice and touch give employees the option to request information concerning specific techniques or assembly steps and to retrieve the relevant information quickly and efficiently.

The control of processes and applications in the production environment, e.g., ERP-systems, can be made more efficient through the integration of alternative input modes such as gesture and voice control. Hands-free interaction also allows the efficient use and seamless integration of process management devices and systems such as ERP. Voice and gesture can be integrated seamlessly into an existing hardware environment because interactions are contactless.

With efficient microphone systems and intelligent filter functions to suppress background noise and enhance the signal quality, voice control is reliable and robust even in high-volume manufacturing environments with dynamically changing background noises. New hardware components like smart watch and smart glasses are also of great advantage as they facilitate a comfortable control of production lines and machines and thus create a new flexibility.


  • Efficiency: Speech is the most efficient communication medium. With voice control, even complex tasks can be delegated quickly and easily to machines or systems – which understand the message of the speech input!
  • Time: Multimodal input and output enable users to carry out several tasks at the same time.
  • Data Quality: Media disruption can be avoided through direct input of data into information and data systems.
  • Hands-free Interaction: Personnel wear gloves or need their hands to work with tools, operate machinery, etc.
  • Access to Heterogeneous Services: Voice control provides a single uniform control interface for different applications and data sources.
  • Accessibility: Alternative forms of interaction enable the barrier-free handling of a technology in case of physical or sensory impairments.
  • Automation and Quality Management: The Interactive Handbook supports production, manufacturing, construction, maintenance and enhances the productivity.  

If you wish to learn more about the progress and improvement of future industrial production, please feel free to contact us for an appointment.