Voice control, intelligent dialog and proactive assistance are the future of communication between men and machines: Fast, convenient and intuitive.

paragon semvox' new flagship software geni:OS  provides an even more innovative AI-based interaction technology than its famous predecessor ODP S3.

It is a platform for a truly assistive, proactive and multimodal smart assistance software.

geni:OS is more than an assistant - it's a companion!


paragonsemvox got nominated for the biggest project in the company's history:
geni:OS has been selected by one of the leading automotive OEM as the core AI platform for their new infotainment program.

The overall project volume is around €40 Mio.!

The future in mobility requires smarter virtual assistants and more sophisticated interactions which also have to be regularly extended and upgraded.
With geni:OS  paragon semvox is providing the key enabler for this new generation of assistants.

geni:OS – the platform for true proactive assitance

paragon semvox'  geni:OS an open platform that allows for the configuration of nearly any aspect of integration into full-sized Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems.

paragon semvox geni:OS

ODP InDia – Instant Dialog in just a few minutes

paragon semvox ODP InDia is the perfect solution to enable your existing application logic with embedded voice command & control functionality, expending minimal modelling effort.

paragon semvox ODP InDia

ODP S3: The Basis For Interactive Systems

paragon semvox ODP S3 is different – and ODP S3 is unique. It creates interactive systems and assistant system that work embedded, cloud-based or hybrid. So you stay in control of your data – always.

paragon semvox ODP S3

ODP S3 In The Cloud

paragon semvox ODP S3 Cloud offers the same scope of performance as the embedded variant, but scales almost without limitation on a server architecture - with the same resource-saving efficiency that already ODP S3 Embedded has to offer.

paragon semvox ODP S3 Cloud

Voice Control and Dialog

A new generation of speech technology: paragon semvox solutions for voice control understand context, reliably carry out tasks and give intelligent answers with a natural voice.

Voice Control and Dialog

Proactive Assistance and AI

Our assistance systems understand the meaning behind the words. They reason the user's intentions from the context, ask back in the case something is not clear and learn independently based on the individual user behavior.

Proactive Assistance and AI

Voice Control For Mobile

With our voice control solutions for smartphones and tablet PCs, your app becomes a personal digital assistant. Restaurant recommendations, searching in Databases, check mails while being on the go, or informing yourself about the sights of your holiday destination – fast, intuitively and uncomplicated via voice.

Voice control for mobile applications

Cerence Speech Recognition and TTS

The Cerence speech recognizer VoCon Hybrid and the speech synthesis Vocalizer Embedded are State-of-the-Art components for all application areas from toys and home appliances, announcement systems and learning programs to industrial control applications.

Cerence ASR and TTS

car hmi Awards

SemVox wins the Car HMI Special Jury Award 2017

A jury of renowned international experts chose to honor the ODP Workbench and paragon ODP S3, as its development process is fundamentally different from the previous approaches, allowing automatic tests during development, reducing development time and time to market launch, and thereby lowering development costs. As part of the awards ceremony at the Titanic Chaussee Hotel in Berlin, SemVox CEO Jochen Steigner accepted the jury’s special prize from the jury’s chairperson, Ronee Chadowitz (BMW Group).

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Progress means improving the lives of people. paragon semvox offers the world's most advanced technology for natural and intelligent man-machine communication.

In order to let communication with machines work flawlessly, you need clever and well-functioning speech dialog systems. Only when the different modes of Human-Machine-Interaction are integrated into an overall concept, a truly intuitive and user-friendly control system can emerge. Thanks to the latest findings in the field of Artificial Intelligence Research, many of the shortcomings of older voice recognition systems have been eliminated. Voice control has come of age. Rigid menu structures, continuous repetition and bad translations into the system are now things of the past. paragon semvox systems understand what you say and do, because they are thinking along.

Based on  context, situation and semantics, our ODP-S3-based dialog systems deduct connections, ask the correct questions and lead to the best solutions. Thanks to the semantic cross-linking, neither filler words nor special grammatical phenomena are a problem. A smart system learns: paragon semvox ODP S3 adapts to user behaviors. The systems can react on events and are capable to automatically start a dialog.

paragon semvox ODP S3 is ready for the cloud. Your complete solution – not just the speech recognizer – works on your server, either "on premise" or outsourced. Of course, ODP S3 can also be embedded.

With the paragon semvox ODP Workbench, we offer our customers a complete, elaborate toolchain for the development of their own intelligent and proactive interaction systems. The ODP Workbench includes comprehensive tutorials and an extensive online documentation – and of course there's the massive experience of the paragon semvox team.


CARIAD SE acquires paragon semvox GmbH

paragon semvox is getting a new owner: CARIAD, the software company of the Volkswagen Group, signed the corresponding purchase agreement with paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA. While still remaining an independent company, the acquisition by CARIAD enables us to shape the next generation of AI assistants with even greater speed. We are very excited about […]

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