The digitalization and interconnection of medical procedures, equipment and devices are rapidly progressing and the integration of EDP-systems is essential to clinics and other healthcare facilities. In addition, digital technology is increasingly also employed in the private households of patients.

This development not only results in an enhanced functionality but also creates a need for new forms of human-machine interaction. Innovative control options such as voice and gesture control offer unique advantages. Voice control and gesture control allow contactless access to information (e.g. from KIS or PACS) and optimize medical processes in many ways: they lead to enhanced hygiene, safety and comfort, better cost-efficiency and an increased quality of system response. Voice and gesture control offer a comfortable and time-efficient way to operate medical technology while reducing the complexity of many processes and devices.

Solutions for Medical Technologies

  • endoscopy and radiology
  • connected operating room: central access to all operating room components.
  • diagnostic displays: work stations, viewing stations, display systems, imaging systems, etc.
  • laboratory devices and features 
  • smart patient bed solutions: control of all medical care functions, communication and entertainment systems by the patient via voice, touch or gesture.
  • hospital information systems: access to digital patient files via voice.
  • mobile support during ward rounds


An overview of the many possibilities and advantages of control solutions via speech and gestures, especially in medical technology, can be found in our product sheet Medical Technology. Please contact us for further information and technology consulting