Passenger information: dynamic, personalized and in natural language


One platform – many solutions...​

...with geni:OS you can implement projects, from announcements in the vehicle or at stops, to error messages in the control center, to personal assistants!


  • geni:OS-based passenger information systems know vehicles, stations and traffic incidents.
  • geni:OS resolves complex situations through linked semantic data (delays, detours, etc.)
  • geni:OS generates context-related announcements or displays at the right time, based on available sensor data (vehicle position, route, etc.)
  • Natural-sounding announcements thanks to neural TTS


  • A geni:OS-based travel assistant knows its user and reliably guides them to their destination
  • The assistant proactively informs the user of changes to timetables or routes
  • Situation-dependent interaction by touch or voice
  • Missed the bus? With geni:OS the user is always informed about any alternative connections


  • A geni:OS-based control center assistant enables the creation of flexible announcements – based on the current traffic situation and also in real time
  • In the event of a traffic disruption, geni:OS generates correct announcements proactively or on the basis of partial information from the operator, with the operator authorising the final announcement
  • The extension of geni:OS with a Smart-Announcement-LLM enables completely natural formulations – suitable for every context and translated into other languages on request

The next evolutionary step for smart announcements and travel assistance

geni:OS is a platform for the development of user and context-related assistance in the passenger information system, on personal devices or in the traffic control center.

Smart agents link timetables, location data and traffic events with passenger intentions – the basis for dynamic announcements in the vehicle and for natural interactions with passengers.

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