Be assisted – not just served

The new generation of assistance-software has a name: geni:OS.

Just like a human assistant it learns your preferences, captures the situation around you and acts on your behalf. geni:OS is the control center of your system that evaluates the information, connects it to already gathered data and takes purposeful action.

The specialty with geni:OS – it is able to run on your local server! Your sensitive data stay where they belong: with you.


What distinguishes geni:OS from other assistance systems?

 The answer: It works multimodally, proactive and if you want it to it runs offline.


geni:OS is the successor of the famous platform ODP S3 which is proven to be successful in various scenarios. ODP S3 runs voice control in millions of automobiles, for instance

The system captures the situation an can take action in the appropriate moment
You can tell your preferences directly to your assistant or let the system learn through your behavior
The experience you receive by using the geni:OS assistant improves with your history of interactions, your intends and the current surrounding
Linked AI
Smart agents form a networking AI system that knows more and can do more than the sum of its parts

Communicate needs-based and spontaneous with voice, gestures or maybe just through your viewing direction


Local and cloud services can work in a seamless combination


The next level of digital assistance

…enables competent and attentive companions.

geni:OS provides a flexible and powerful environment to develop smart agents, to integrate and connect them. The whole bandwidth of context is available to give smart agents the ability to decide qualified and proactively. They learn from experiences and act appropriate to any situational context.

How can you work with geni:OS?


Our SDK - Your Developers
Let your developers work with the geni:OS software development kit. We support you in every way possible.
Our Developers - Your Solution
We create the solution that suits you the most.