At paragon semvox, we aim at making things simple, quick and efficient. Therefore, we create technology that is intelligent and cooperative: It understands the user’s requests, allocates them to the respective devices or functions and is able to disambiguate the user’s intentions through collaborative dialog.

All functions and devices in the living room can be operated via voice, touch or gesture, or even via a combination of different modes of interaction (for example “Show me further information!” while pointing at an object on the screen). Additional applications and functions such as web services, social media etc. can be easily integrated. Thus, users can share a movie recommendation with their friends via email, text message or facebook or buy the movie soundtrack online. Instead of having to search long lists, clicking through the EPG or dealing with rigid and complex menu structures, users simply say what they want! Naturally, several functions can be accessed and used en-route!  Our solutions can be easily integrated into standard computers, net-tops, net-books, set-top boxes or home theater PCs. We can also realise a remote-control via a smartphone app. Our gesture control solution offers users an additional form of natural interaction: it enables users to browse a media center in a comfortable way.

"Can you record CSI tonight?"

"CSI is not on today. The new CSI episodes start Wednesday next week at 10 p.m. and there is CSI: New York on Friday at 9 p.m. Which episode do you want me to record?"


"OK, I programmed the recorder for CSI on Wednesday, 10 pm."

The European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) enabled us to incorporate the needs and requests of our customers into the SemMedia system. Just contact us!