Make user interaction smarter and more natural by using the power of AI

Enrich your user experience with LLMs using geni:OS as a plugin

geni:OS allows you to model holistic companions based on semantic AI solutions, building a relationship of trust and understanding. Therefore, the emphatic geni:OS companion already knows you and the situation you are in. Make the next step and combine geni:OS with a large language model (LLM) to gain the ultimate user experience!

Our experts support you to make your system smarter

Since 2008, semvox has focused on enabling and developing smart, personalized, context aware, and user-friendly interaction for various applications.

See how LLMs can provide additional value to your processes and use-cases:

Generative AI

geni:OS will dynamically generate prompts throughout both the development and runtime phases, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our innovative office talent already enables the generation of emails based on spoken keywords. For instance, simply command, ‘Compose an email to Peter, saying get well soon,’ and witness the magic unfold. You can even specify the tone in which the e-mail will be written.

Emotion Appraisal

geni:OS offers a complete range of interfaces, seamlessly integrating past and present user contexts into the system.

Our cutting-edge research team leverages LLMs to detect user emotions from the dialogue history. By understanding emotions, we empower your system to craft conversations and proactive actions that resonate on a deeper level.

LLMs for Added Value
  • Content generation
    • E-mail generation or summarization
    • Blogging & articles
  • Customer support
    • Answer frequently asked questions
    • Guide users through troubleshooting steps
  • Education
    • Tutoring
    • Language learning
Customization of LLMs

Certain business needs can be effortlessly handled by GPT models, or even fine-tuned versions of GPT, others need tailor-made solutions.

In training a question-answering system for the user manual of an automobile manufacturer, we ensure enhanced relevance, accuracy, and privacy. Our custom-made LLM solutions can operate both while embedded and in the cloud.

Get in touch with our experts

semvox has long history in artificial intelligence, including natural language processing and machine learning. We are a spin-off of the DFKI (Deutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz / German research center for artificial intelligence) and have grown into a company with international experts, researchers, and engineers who are passionate about diving deep into all these fast-changing technologies which enable our customers’ applications to become smarter step-by-step and more user friendly.

We specialize in all LLM models, such as the GPT family (GPT-3.5, GPT-4), Llama, Falcon, Persimmon, and others.