The interaction with robots must be directed to humans as a reference, and not vice versa

Robots Who Understand You

It is one of the most important aims of robotics to develop robots that serve for human entertainment or provide services of all kinds. Reliable voice recognition of the most languages possible, complex semantic processing with inclusion of the context (location, time, or information from apps) as well as natural-sounding speech output free robots from their purely technological world and herald the start of a new era in human-technology communication. This is where semvox works with its HMI solutions and AI technologies. Robots will enrich our lives in the future in manifold ways.

In order to work intuitively and naturally with the assistants of the future and to be able to work smoothly in everyday life, a natural-language control interface is required.

With the unique dialogue and assistance software platform geni:OS and software development kit, semvox offers all the tools for the development of the most powerful voice control, dialogue and assistance solutions from a single source.