semvox and Konica Minolta impact the programming of Cobots thanks to CoboVox

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Speech is the most natural way of communication to make technologies more accessible and intuitive. The joint development between semvox GmbH and Konica Minolta of the voice programming application CoboVox therefore marks the beginning of a new era in human-robot communication. The goal was both challenging and inspiring: to develop software that enables cobots to be programmed using natural speech, thus significantly reducing the barrier between humans and machines. Konica Minolta not only brought the vision for this project but also specific requirements and use cases from numerous industries for which CoboVox could be revolutionary. 

With its expertise in speech recognition, speech output, and its proactive AI Interaction framework geni:OS, semvox took on the challenge to lay the foundation for CoboVox’s voice control. The development was carried out in close coordination and according to the specifications of Konica Minolta with the goal of creating an interface that is so intuitive that users without any coding skills can program cobots for a variety of tasks using just natural language. This ranges from precise manufacturing processes to support activities in areas that previously seemed non-automatable due to the complexity of constant reprogramming. 

The implementation of CoboVox for cobots brings crucial advantages for manufacturing industries. Customers report a halving of installation costs and a 43% reduction in cobot downtime thanks to its significantly faster programming processes. These improvements are particularly valuable in scenarios with high product variety and low volume, in repetitive tasks with frequent changes (e.g. welding), and in environments with limited or shared workspace. But enthusiastic feedback also came from other areas: videographers, event organizers, and educators – all now see CoboVox as a true game-changer for their projects. 

This is achieved by setting new standards in terms of usability and accessibility. With CoboVox, cobots can be easily positioned by hand in FreeDrive mode. Once they are in position, programming can be triggered with a simple voice command, which is then carried out automatically and unobtrusively in the background – a process that impresses with its simplicity. This simplicity is bolstered by CoboVox’s role as part of the UR+ ecosystem, ensuring smooth integration with Universal Robots, while its versatile design also enables effective use with a wide range of other cobot brands. 

The partnership between Konica Minolta and semvox in the development of CoboVox illustrates the transformative power of technological collaboration. Our companies built a bridge between humans and machines that disrupts the manufacturing landscape. The introduction of CoboVox has not only increased efficiency and manufacturing capacity in various industries but has also shown that the future of robotics lies in intuitive interaction. 


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