paragon semvox ODP InDia is the perfect solution to enable existing application logic with embedded voice command & control functionality, expending minimal modelling effort.

paragon semvox ODP InDia is what you need, when...

  • You don‘t want to waste time with the low-level integration of ASR or TTS systems.
  • You operate your own „task management system“ and want to voice-enable it with an embedded out-of-the-box voice solution.
  • You want to avoid duplicate task modelling in the process of voice-enabling your system.
  • Learning a completely new scripting language is too much of an effort in order to achieve your goals.
  • Your use-cases are not overly complex and don‘t need full- stack AI or context modelling.

paragon semvox ODP InDia is your best solution because...

  • Working results after just a few minutes. You don‘t need to use any other new tools. Learning effort is absolutely minimal.
  • ODP InDia is based on paragon semvox ODP S3, the most distinguished software platform for AI-powered proactive assistance systems available on the market.
  • Nuance VoCon ASR and Vocalizer TTS are pre-configured and ready-to-use, but any other ASR or TTS engine can be integrated, too.
  • Pre-configured modules are available for many use-cases such as time, date, numerals, etc.
  • Built-in hot word detection with your custom hot words.

paragon semvox ODP InDia is the perfect solution for...

  • Control of service robots, e.g. for the transport of parts for industrial assembly and production.
  • Control of simulation and control software, e.g. for lighting or acoustic scenarios.
  • Control medical devices such as surgery lamps, robotic arms or patient entertainment systems.
  • Hands-free data retrieval and entering, e.g. in WMS, ERP or HIS.
  • Image management, editing and annotation, e.g. in the surgery to fulfil the highest hygiene requirements and facilitate efficient, time-saving processes.

paragon semvox ODP InDia is based on the market-leading ODP S3 runtime with a proven track record of more than 10 years in product-grade automotive, medical technology, smart homes, Industry 4.0, robotics, consumer electronics and process management applications. Please download the ODP InDia data sheet and contact us!