paragon semvox ODP S3 is the most sophisticated universal platform for voice control, smart assistants and AI technologies.

Maintain control over your data – all the time. With paragon semvox ODP S3 your voice dialogues will be safe.

Get state of the art A.I. – paragon semvox ODP S3 integrates smart technologies like machine learning, reasoning and planning.

Voice control and smart assistants with paragon semvox ODP S3 – embedded, as a cloud service or hybrid.

Cross-device, cross-platform or cross-session – use your smart assistant everywhere with paragon semvox ODP S3.

Realize your paragon semvox ODP S3 speech interaction in a standardized application development system.
Start now – thanks to the Java environment you can easily adapt your software to your needs.
paragon semvox ODP S3 works as a runtime environment for dialog applications – its modular structure enables you to integrate dialogue bundles for your individual use cases on the target platform.

Choose paragon semvox ODP S3 and get a complete toolchain for the development of your interaction system with the SemVox ODP workbench.

This is paragon semvox ODP S3:

Use paragon semvox ODP S3 as a cloud service, embedded or both – your choice, your possibilities.

Forget about proprietary black box solutions. No matter how you decide - paragon semvox ODP S3 yields its strengths in every solution.

  • Full technology stack
  • Intelligent dialogue interaction: ask-back function, solutions for ambiguity and elliptic expressions
  • paragon semvox ODP S3 is a universal system. In the cloud, fully embedded or hybrid – you decide.
  • Use paragon semvox ODP S3 as a cloud service and get updates in the cloud.
  • Hosting on your own infrastructure - data security and data sovereignty guaranteed!

Configure your session separately without losing the current state of your dialogue. paragon semvox ODP S3 provides the opportunity of multi-session, multi-user and cross-session usage and enables to switch between user profiles, languages and other settings.

Voice-enabling a projector? We show you that this is really easy!