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What happens in the world of voice control, what are the new systems really capable of and where does the journey go? The paragon semvox Tech Blog is picking up the latest developments and visions for the future.

Why don’t you understand me???

Gartner listed the topic among the Top 10 IT trends on 2016, and newspapers like The New York Times are picking it up in a more consumer-oriented way. Unfortunately, none of the existing systems, be it Apple Siri, Google Now, Amazon Alexa or Microsoft Cortana seem to perform in a way that really satisfies the […]

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Simply Ask the Computer!

Fast and efficient extraction of information from large data volumes is the basis for search engines as we know and use them today. One problem for these solutions, however, are questions entered as complete sentences and in natural language. A simple and precise response to such input is no simple matter.

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Bluetooth has become widely popular and a standard feature of any mobile device. Bluetooth is convenient, versatile and it has by now become easy and robust to handle. Bluetooth is a technology standard which was developed according to IEEE 802.15.1 in the 1990s for the wireless data exchange between devices over short distances.

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