Billy-Billy, a healthcare robot for everyone

While paragon semvox ODP S3 is the most advanced speech dialog platform out there, it also helps with – at first glance – simple pleasures like looking at and taking care of beautiful flowers. ZoraBots from Belgium has developed a flowerpot that helps to keep your lovely plants alive with Artificial Intelligence and voice dialogue. Billy-Billy , the interactive flowerpot, aims to make the lives of elderly people more comfortable and cosy. With its sensors, it captures the temperature in a room and the amount of light that enters – in this way the humanoid robot can help elderly people in taking care of plants.

We have developed our smart IoT flowerpot Billy-Billy with paragon semvox ODP S3. Without a truly natural language understanding dialog system, it would not have been possible to develop Billy-Billy. 

Luckily the paragon semvox ODP S3 dialog platform was a match in heaven for us. It is a very flexible, versatile dialogue system that provided us with all the features we needed. 

The advantages for the developers are evident as well, as ODP S3 is very intuitive and easy to work with. Together with the responsive, active support from SemVox, we were able to develop our Billy-Billy in the predetermined development time.

Christophe Michiels (Head of R&D, ZoraBots)

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