New Flagship Project „geni:OS“ released

In the ongoing Corona Pandemic paragon semvox GmbH not only was able to proof it’s ability to work 100% remote from home. Furthermore we finalized the biggest internal development pf the recent years: the new platform for smart assistance “geni:OS”.

geni:OS can do more than simple voice interaction. More so, it is an environment that gives the opportunity to gather information through smart agents – software modules of many kinds – and to process these data. The specialty in this manner is that geni:OS analzses the informations, makes a decision based on the analysis and takes action on behalf of the user.

In an automotive project geni:OS would gather data of the specific vehicles sensors like speed, temperature, tire pressure, safety systems, air quality etc. and customize the comfort conrols for the passengers, so that they feel really comfortable. That would happen even without the need to order the system to do so.

For instance, the sensors could measure a low level of oxygen inside the car. This would lead to tiredness of the driver, causing a decrease in focus and the speed of reaction. geni:OS helps to prevent this to happen by activating fresh air inflow before the driver himself is recognizing the need for air.

In other ways, geni:OS would stop fresh air inflow when measuring bad quality of the air surrounding the vehicle. Based in data from measuring stations all over the area, alternate routes can be planned and zones with bad air can be driven round.

This is a small piece of the overall capabilities of this platform that grows with the requirements of the customer.


geni:OS is the successor of the very successful ODP S3. ODP S3 is still fully supported and running projects will be finished. In the near future there will be no constraints in the work with ODP S3. New projects therefore will be initiated using geni:OS.