The best of three worlds – new home for paragon semvox

With the acquisition by paragon, a new headquarter had been decided. From the beginning of March 2019, the new site enables a synergetic cooperation between the business units Interior and Digital Assistance and paves the way for the in-house production of integrated components. As a competence center, it gathers the core competences of the companies, in particular the development and production of interior components, the development of smart assistants as well as production know how in a single building.

By forming the business units Interior and Digital Assistance in the past year, paragon made an important strategic step towards development and growth. In the beginning of March 2019 the business parts have been merged in one location. The joint resources and competences of the paragon subsidiaries productronic and paragon on the hardware side as well as paragon semvox as the leading company for voice control software and AI based assistance systems indicate paragon’s strategy towards digitalization and joint cooperation.

In Autumn 2018, paragon invested in an existing building with several office and production areas in Kirkel-Limbach, Germany. Soon the headquarter gathers the development and the production of integrated solutions, consisting of software and hardware components, under one roof. Since March, the new rooms are being used by paragon’s interior business unit as well as paragon semvox. productronic will join its production in 2019.

The new location in Kirkel-Limbach serves as a place for joint Automotive grade projects. The development of highly sophisticated AI assistance software meets the development of interior components next to their production with its extensive know how. As a result, all capabilities are being fused to build integrated systems and join the market with an equipment of entire products.

In the beginning, the new headquarter comprises around 80 employees from three paragon subsidiaries. The amount of hires shall be increased step by step to let the business grow towards a competence center for integrated hardware-software solutions. Among the disciplines that employees represent at the location are sales, project management, hardware development, classic and agile software development, testing, quality management and production. Contemporary offices, modern facilities and creativity-fostering surroundings are the main factors that enable the work in joint team projects as well as the direct contact to customers in a professional atmosphere.

One location, three worlds – future starts now!



Image source: Vollack Gruppe