Periodontal Result Recording Using Speech Recognition

What makes periodontal diagnostic software „State of the Art“? Practical relevance and a patient-oriented, lucid user interface certainly are among the most important features such an application has to offer. However, what really makes the solution of PA Konzepte stand out from the competition is the convenient voice control feature. It allows for a reliable recording of a complete PA result in 18 minutes, or a recall diagnosis recording in just seven minutes by a single person – without any assistance. Of course covering all parameters:

At that, all parameter are taken into account: Periodontal Pocket Depth, Recession, Bleeding/Suppuration (6-point measurements each), Plaque, Furcation, Mobility, Vitality respectively Periodontal Pocket Depth, Bleeding/Suppuration (6-point measurements each), Plaque for the recall diagnosis.

This is how the time consuming rotation from measurements at the patient to manual data input at the computer is a thing of the past! 

Voice Control from the Specialist – for the Specialist

As Nuance Master Distributor, paragon semvox has supplied PA Konzepte with the world’s leading voice recognition software. Nuance VoCon Hybrid 4.10 is an embedded speech recognition system that protects the patients’ data. No information will ever have to be sent to a server, as the speech data is being processed directly on the device itself (NO cloud-based recognition).

Benefits of Voice Control

  • The voice control integrated in the PA-Konzepte solution allows for a detailed periodontal result recording in less time.
  • Voice control allows the dentist to record a convenient medical report by spoken numbers and easy commands.
  • It’s not necessary to constantly look at the monitor while issuing the report.