inconso and paragon semvox Give New Impulses to Pick-by-Voice

Pick-by-Voice is a “voucherless” order picking procedure that lets the picker communicate with the order picking system via voice. The picker works with a headset that is connected to a pocket PC or custom made device instead of using printed order picking lists or radio data transmission terminals.

inconso, Europe’s leading consulting and logistics software company, has recognized the advantages of such a pick-by-voice system and has developed an eays-to-use and versatile solution together with paragon semvox.

The inconsoVMS pick-by-voice system is fully integrated into the warehouse management system inconsoWMS and constitutes the basis for pick-by-voice applications in the warehouse. Thanks to the modular structure, inconsoVMS is able to make use of the existing components of inconsoWMS, so it can, for example, control the voucherless order picking via voice, based on the transmitted order picking data. Equipped with a voice terminal, the picker is guided from one location to another, receiving their order picking instructions via voice output. The picker confirms the fulfilled order picking process using their voice, with the data being processed in real-time by the warehouse management system inconsoWMS.

The advantages are obvious: Hands and eyes of the picker are free during the order picking procedure. The picker can focus on the most important tasks during his work, which potentially results in lower accident risk due to the workers’ ability to better observe their surroundings. Moreover, the error rate in comparison with common practice order picking using a pick chit is reduced, resulting in a measurably higher overall picking performance. The proactive support that the intelligent paragon semvox ODP S3 platform provides makes all this possible.

Robust mobile end devices (enterprise devices) with KitKat (4.4.x) are employed for the pick-by-voice application. The app incorporates an HTML5 frontend with Apache Cordoba Plugin. Rollouts are planned on Zebra TC70 and WT42 with wired headsets. German, English, French, Spanish, Slovakian, Slovenian, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian are supported.

About inconso

The inconso AG is the leading consulting and software company for logistic solutions in Europe. The company offers innovative, practice-oriented software products and professional system integration solutions for the optimization of customer specific logistic processes. Emphasis is placed on warehouse management with inconsoWMS and the inconso Logistics Suite as well as SAP EWM and LES, transport management and supply chain execution and visibility solutions for well-known trading, industrial and service companies. inconso is headquartered in Bad Nauheim, Germany, and has more than 500 employees at ten locations in Germany, two in Spain and one in France. inconso belongs to the logistics systems business sector of the international technology corporation Körber.