SemVox ODP S3 Makes the New Audi A8 a Personal Assistant

With SemVox ODP S3, the most powerful platform for proactive AI-based interaction, the new Audi A8 becomes a highly connected and intelligent assistant.

Over 200 functions can be voice-controlled in the new Audi A8. ODP S3 makes it possible to combine voice control with other input options such as touchscreens; thanks to the intelligence of ODP S3, the Audi A8 understands exactly what the user means and enters into an active dialogue with him – this is how the “Audi seamless connect experience” also becomes a reality for voice control.

Interacting perfectly with the robust speech recognizer, ODP S3 in the new Audi A8 acts as a central platform for user interaction with the vehicle. No matter if the navigation system is being used, calendar functions accessed, messages written, or a restaurant is to be found: the natural-language and fluent voice control, which is only possible with ODP S3, is unique in the world and frees the user from rigid menu structures and restricted commands. SemVox ODP S3 is fully offline and allows unrestricted operation of functions in the vehicle even without an Internet connection. If there is a connection to the Internet, the system can download and install new functions from the cloud at any time – without a visit to a mechanic.

Cockpit Audi A8 (Foto: Audi AG)

“Owners and drivers of a premium vehicle also expect premium service. For us, SemVox ODP S3 is the optimal solution for an intelligent and comfortable voice control in the car,” says Jens Halfmann, project manager of Voice Control A8, Audi AG. SemVox’s dialogue manager learns by itself, asking questions when needed, or offering choices that really make sense in context. In response to the command “Call Peter!” ODP S3 can, for example, identify the most frequently called contact with first name “Peter” based on past interactions from the people available in the phone book, and suggest it directly. Thanks to ODP S3, the user is even able to interact with the vehicle beyond the boundaries of individual menu areas. For example, you can call a contact from the phone book and then have the associated address taken over as the navigation destination: “Take me there!” No navigation system can currently be used more efficiently and naturally.

“With ODP S3 we optimally cover all scenarios in the vehicle. The Artificial Intelligence in our software platform allows unimagined freedom of communication with the vehicle. And thanks to the superior flexibility of SemVox ODP S3, vehicles and other systems can become intelligent in virtually any language and platform.” -Dr. Norbert Pfleger, CEO of SemVox.

More information on how ODP S3 makes vehicles intelligent assistants is available on the SemVox Automotive Site.