paragon semvox Voice Control for AKTORmed SOLOASSIST Endoscope holder

Voice control is a key feature for future medical technology systems.

Together with AKTORmed, paragon semvox has realized a state-of-the-art voice control for the SOLOASSIST endoscope holder that features a unique and intuitive set of voice commands, based on the industry leading, state of the art voice interaction engine paragon semvox ODP S3.

Intelligent assistance systems for minimally invasive surgery

The SOLOASSIST Voice control facilitates a smooth and straightforward control over the surgeon’s view during endoscopic surgeries. The platform of course features speaker independent recognition, so there’s no speech training needed. The average speech-to-movement time is less than 200 ms , making the system highly responsive, and with a recognition rate of more than 95%, it’s also extremely precise..

 The intuitive command set of the SOLOASSIST Voice control allows a precise control over the positioning of the endoscope during operation. Any command sequence is started with the hotword SOLO. After recognition of the hotword, commands are accepted for five seconds. If no command is recognized within this time, SIIVoice returns to standby mode, waiting for the hotword again.

The four main directions (In, Out, Left, Right) as well as zooming (In, Out) can be combined with a distance modifier (One, Two, Three, Five, Ten) to enable an accurate control over the scope. In addition it is possible to use the keywords ‘Upper’ and ‘Lower’ to move diagonal. The command ‘Move’ repeats the last movement.

Sometime it may be helpful to memorize a special endoscope position. With the ‘Save’ and ‘Restore’ keywords you can save up to three positions and restore this view when needed. With ‘Return’ it is possible to undo the last movement.

With the ‘Speed’ keyword followed by One, Two or Three, the speed of the SOLOASSIST can be adjusted to three preset speeds.

State-of-the-Art Voice Control Platform

With paragon semvox ODP S3, AKTORmed relies on the most efficient and intelligent speech and interaction platform available today. Instead of only voice control, ODP S3 offers a full set of AI-based features and can also be used for fully interactive, proactive and multimodal solutions. Furthermore, the integration of ODP S3 allows the developer to expand and adjust a running system at any time to almost any thinkable level. The addition of ODP S3 as a basis for Human-Machine-Interaction beyond pure ASR-software components opens up whole new possibilities and makes the design and development of intelligent dialog and interaction solutions much easier.

About AKTORmed

AKTORmed has been offering its customers unparalleled solutions for more than ten years, supporting surgeons in minimally invasive surgery.

Minimally invasive techniques have a long surgical tradition. Robot-assisted surgery completes them and brings them to perfection. AKTORmed’s robot-supported assistance systems enable surgeons to perform minimally-invasive procedures with a high degree of precision, relieving their workload to a maximum degree.

The above-average outlay for development, superior know-how and a large cooperation network help AKTORmed create innovative products featuring maximum precision. Partnerships are essential in order to achieve such a supreme performance.

In cooperation with a steadily increasing network of qualified sales partners, AKTORmed supplies and services clinics worldwide. AKTORmed considers its customers as partners with whom it strives to be successful together, the objective being long-term cooperation rather than short-term profit.