Inconso And SemVox Give Pick-by-voice A New Boost

Pick-by-Voice is a “paperless” picking process, in which the communication between the system and the person takes place by means of human language. Instead of using printed lists or data radio terminals, the order picker simply uses a headset.

The advantages of such a voice system have also been recognized and further developed by the logistics software specialist inconso from Bad Nauheim. Together with SemVox, they have developed an easy-to-use and versatile solution. The inconsoVMS voice management system is completely integrated into the warehouse management system inconsoWMS and forms the basis for various voice applications in the warehouse. Due to the modular design, the inconsoVMS system uses the existing components of inconsoWMS and, for example, controls the paperless picking using voice prompts based on the transmitted picking data. The employee is equipped with a voice terminal and is guided from place to place while picking and receives his picking instructions via voice output. The employee confirms the picking process using voice input, whereby the data is processed in real time in the warehouse management system inconsoWMS.

The advantages are clear

Hands and eyes remain free when picking. Employees can concentrate on the essentials while working, and the risk of an accident decreases as employees can intuitively observe their environment better. In addition, the error rate decreases with respect to the picking process by means of picking labels, so that the overall picking performance is measurably higher. Proactive support from SemVox’s intelligent dialog engine ODP S3 makes it possible!

The maintenance of the Voice User Interface is simple thanks to the efficient modularization of ODP S3

The system can be expanded without great effort and adapted for customer-specific solutions. This means that you do not have to change
the application’s program code but you can easily make adjustments to the Voice User Interface (inputs, system responses) using the ODP Workbench. ODP S3 allows you to create and manage dialog bundles and localizations so that you can create a repository of pick-by-voice interfaces in different target languages that meet every customer’s needs.
The pick-by-voice application uses robust mobile devices (Enterprise devices) with Android KitKat (4.4.x). The application has an HTMLT5 front end with an Apache Cordova Plug-in. The rollouts are planned for the device types Zebra TC70 and WT42 with cable-connected headsets. The languages which will be supported are German, English, French, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.

inconso AG is the leading consulting and software company for logistics solutions in Europe. With well-founded consulting, the company offers innovative, practical software products and professional system integration solutions for the optimization of customer-specific logistics processes. They focus on warehouse management with inconsoWMS and inconso Logistics Suite as well as with SAP EWM and LES, transport management and supply chain execution and visibility solutions for well-known retail, industrial and service companies. Inconso, headquartered in Bad Nauheim (Hessen), employs 550 people at ten locations in Germany, two in Spain and one in France, and is part of the Logistics Systems division of the international technology group Körber.

SemVox offers innovative solutions and technologies for voice control, mobile applications and proactive assistance in dialog systems based on the latest AI technologies.

SemVox was founded in 2008 and has set itself the goal of making information intuitive and usable through simple and intelligent operating concepts. Regardless of whether input, gesture control, touchscreen control or a combination of different input options, the SemVox technology gives users the freedom to choose an optimal operating mode in any situation.

Using ODP S3 (ontology-based dialogue platform), SemVox develops interactive, multimodal and intelligent solutions for the automotive, smart home and home entertainment, industry (4.0), medical technology and mobile applications industries, which show not only the usual possibilities of dialog-based voice control , but can achieve far-reaching proactive assistance functions.

With ODP S3, integrators can even independently develop their own next-generation intelligent speech dialog systems and integrate them into their systems. SemVox solutions and technologies can be embedded, independent of platforms, directly on devices as well as in the intranet or in the cloud.

With more than 100 years of combined experience, SemVox supports its customers in the design and development of their own language solutions and in the implementation of ideas for innovations.

SemVox is the only official Nuance Master Distributor in Germany.

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