Anke Rehlinger Visits SemVox – Focus on Economic Success through Innovation

Anke Rehlinger, Minister of Economic Affairs, Labor, Transport and Energy for the Saarland visited SemVox in Saarbrücken to learn more about the latest innovations in speech technology and proactive assistance. She was also greatly interested in the SemVox success story.

Since its foundation as a spin-off of DFKI in 2008, SemVox has managed to achieve organic and stable growth and has established a solid economic footing with excellent prospects for the future. These accomplishments are quite exceptional within the failure-ridden start-up scene from which SemVox emerged more than eight years ago. The opening of a branch office in Berlin in April 2015 is another important step in the company’s successful expansion.

Apart from SemVox’s innovative products and technology and its strategic position as a supplier of both technology and custom-made solutions, the support of the Saarland government and its measures to encourage and promote business formations in the Saarland region have been decisive factors in SemVox’s remarkable development. The financing provided by the Saarländische Wagnisfinanzierungsgesellschaft (SWG) in particular enabled SemVox to embark on their promising growth strategies and to further develop a scalable business model.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnke Rehlinger was impressed with the SemVox-technology and gained first-hand experience of the intuitive control options of electronic smart home installations based on ODP S3. The Minister was also impressed with the efficient structure and the intuitive interface of the ODP Workbench, a tool chain which enables integrators to develop their own speech dialog solutions.

SemVox will remain on its growth path throughout 2015 and beyond. A range of large-scale industry projects combined with the support of the Saarland government provide the necessary momentum.