ODP S3: The Basis for Innovative Interactive Systems

ODP S3 is a unique Ontology-based Dialog Platform for the development of interactive systems that distinguish themselves by their semantic intelligence. ODP S3-based solutions do not simply follow user commands - they are able to comprehend and interpret user input.
ODP S3 combines robust speech recognition with extensive resources for context management, context interpretation and the modeling of context factors such as the user’s current geographical position, personal preferences, previous interactions and visual information. Continuous semantic processing supports the modeling of these context factors and facilitates a natural, intuitive system behavior. These features are the core of ODP S3’s advantage over conventional speech recognition systems: ODP S3 solutions comprehend speech, react intelligently and are able to support the user proactively.

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Solutions based on ODP S3 can be employed in a wide range of scenarios and fields of applications: smart phones, connected cars, home entertainment, etc. Learn more about our industry solutions here. We develop embedded and cloud-based solutions. 

With hybrid speech recognition technology, meaning the interaction of a local speech recognition with a cloud-based free text speech recognition, the result is a completely new, previously unimagined freedom of user interaction.

More detailed information ODP S3 can be found in our brochure.

We provide a complete toolchain for the development of interactive systems on the basis of ODP S3. The entire development process of any ODP S3 solution - from the specification, dialog construction to the roll-out on the target platform - can be carried out in an integrated development environment (IDE). This enhances the efficiency of the development process and reduces its complexity. At the same time, the applications are more robust and the time-to-market can be significantly reduced. ODP S3 not only provides an integrated development environment for interactive solutions but also works as a runtime environment for dialog applications. For different use cases on the target platform (e.g., phone, navigation, media in the automobile) individual dialog applications (dialog bundles) can be integrated on the target platform in an ODP S3-based system. This modular structure guarantees a fluent exchange and an efficient update of individual dialog applications.


The Advantages of OPD S3:

  • Goal-Oriented Interaction: users simply say what they want the system to do.
  • Semantic Processing: ODP S3 solutions understand and support the user’s intentions. In case of unclear or vague input, ODP S3 solutions take initiative and request further information.   
  • Flexible Dialog: ODP S3 offers an intuitive and natural input modality instead of rigid and complex menus.
  • Context Management & Processing: ODP S3 is able to register context factors like time, location and the user’s personal preferences and incorporates these factors into the interaction.
  • Genuine Multimodality: ODP S3 facilitates a combination of voice control with touch, gesture and other input modalities as well as sensory information. Input of this kind is also processed and interpreted by ODP.
  • Reduced Cognitive Load: ODP S3 solutions reduce the user’s cognitive load.
  • Hybrid Speech Recognition: ODP S3 combines embedded voice recognition with (ASR) with open domain cloud based voice recognition. This combination facilitates a new level of freedom in the human-machine interaction.
  • System Recommendations: the ontological basis of an ODP S3-System is semantically modeled and capable of identifying similarities between information and tasks. This knowledge basis enables the system to make recommendations.  
  • Mixed Initiative: The system is able to take initiative and to react to unexpected user input or to ask the user for further information.

Below you will learn how to make a projector listen to your voice with ODP S3:


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Below: a summary of the function of ODP S3 within your voice controlled products and solutions:


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