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Voice control for Automotive

Drivers of a connected car have an increased demand for comfortable and intuitive control options which enhance their safety and minimize distraction. SemVox offers drivers a unique way to achieve maximum comfort and to enjoy all the services and functions of their...Read more


Voice control for Medical Technology

The digitalization and interconnection of medical procedures, equipment and devices are rapidly progressing and the integration of EDP-systems is essential to clinics and other healthcare facilities. In addition, digital technology is increasingly also employed...Read more


Dialog and Assistance Systems for Industry 4.0

High demands are placed on the industrial production of the future . Not only will its processes have to be even more flexible, intelligent, efficient and sustainable, the challenges to be met also involve the demographic trend, the effects of...Read more


Voice control for Home Automation

Your house automation solutions allow your customer to control all functions and services of their house. Our technology enables you to enhance the comfort of your solution by offering your customer voice and touch as innovative control options. Replace complex...Read more


Voice and gesture control for Home Entertainment

Relaxing on your sofa and simply saying what you want – our unique technology makes it possible! Learn more about our voice and gesture control solutions in the field of home entertainment. At SemVox, we aim at making things...Read more

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Voice Control for Mobile Solutions

With our voice control technology for smartphones and tablet PCs, your app becomes your customer’s virtual personal assistant ! Voice control offers your customers a flexible and comfortable access to information and allows them to use any feature...Read more

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